So Today I decided to buy David Guetta ticket concerts because it’s being a while i haven’t being to a concert, but also it is David Guetta playing,one of the few Dj’s that i like. Im not a rave person nor do i like dumpstep . It will actually be my first concert to a Dj and I am going with one of my friend who have being going to Raves and she told me that most people have taken some kind of drug to make them dance or feel a certain way. But I really not interested in that kind of stuff, all i want to do is dance. 🙂 Because it will be my two last semesters in San Jose I wanted to be fun ( even tho I really want to get out of it) I really hope that i created good times in college so i can look back on them either to laugh about things i’ve done, but also things to learn. Life is unpredictable and I don’t know where I will be.


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