Today is a good day!!


I am soo excited!! today was a good day. I slept in, my boyfriend makes me breakfast, then I go to my hairdresser for my new haircut! It’s being a while that i haven’t being to my hairdresser. I think last time I went was in August or October. I wanted a brownish-red hair color because I always had black hair and I still want to experience with hair color and which one would make my eyes stand out. So my hairdresser does my hair, and on top of that it was free! the reason why is because I am going to help her with a project. it’s around 2pm and i decided to go to lunch. I see my hairdresser outside and she said she was going to eat lunch as well. So she said to have lunch with her and she drove to an Italian Deli which was delicious!! I had lasagna and she had a tuna sandwich. then again, I didn’t pay for it because she invited me out for lunch. After that she drops me off home. Then later that I went to Santana Row with my co-workers and my bosses because it was one of my co-workers birthday and we all got champagne and cocktails. Then again the only thing i payed was for a tip. It’s funny how how you know people you can get some free hookups. It was an awesome day đŸ™‚


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