My work is up!


On Wednesday i have art3 and my teacher put out in the window displays our first projects ( the historical remake). I musty admit it was a fun project for me to do and a new kind of medium to explore. What i did was an IKEA catalogue and I re-made it as if it was made in the 1900. So i had to look at reference at old catalogues from that time period and also find handmade swedish furnitures. Then I photoshoped them so they look like stencils or stamps. overall I was pretty happy with it 🙂 Our teacher is really kind and passionate about what she does, but there are 2 things that bothers me about her: her way of speaking and her style. I think she has difficulties talking and expressing herself because she always slows down or “put the brake” on a word. Also She dress very casual, which is fine, but she always has the same hair style. I know it’s mean to judge but she needs a boost in confidence 🙂


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