Adventure for photo 40!


So for this assignment we had to take pictures of something repulsive but somehow make it attractive depending on the way that we take a picture of it. So before class I adventured to San Pedro and Colman, towards target. It’s interesting to see how many abandon buidings are there and decaying objects. I also went towards little Italy where there were abandoned house. One of them had an old door with chipping paint and a whole in it. So I took a picture of it. I find it attractive because of it’s texture and poor condition. It has history. Then I went towards target where I found a broken mirror, a creepy gargoyle, and an old 7 up sign painted on the back of a building. I just realized how long I have walked. I took enough pictures and my legs were getting sore from walking. I then walked back to campus and to photo 40 class. It was a day when everyone had to print their pictures so it didnt matter if i was late or not. There were other people before me who had to print. Once it was my turn, I was quite happy with the result. πŸ™‚ I think I should continue my interest in photography πŸ™‚


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