Stanford Museum!


Today was a very fun day! One I got the day off so i can go to Stanford museum. I had to do it for an extra credit for photo history.

I was very happy that day because I went with my boyfriend and we were out of San Jose. I guess this is when I am the most hyper. Anyhow, it was a beautiful museum that had plenty of collection of famous artists from the past. I enjoyed the photography as well and some of the paintings from the 19th century. The museum had art from around the world and from various periods. I also enjoyed the Stanford Family room dedication where it showed the founders of the university and how they lived. They were very wealthy people. I find it awesome when you see something in a textbook and then you see it in real. Looking at all those painting and photographs made me want to paint or take pictures. You just never know, maybe one day my paintings will be up 🙂


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