Living with my boyfriend, i tend to not pay attention to what I eat until I realized that I gained a bit of weight around my waist. I’m staring to have muffin tops :O not only i can see it but i can feel it. Each time I sit down i can feel that little extra fat getting in the way or being compressed. Also when I wear pants and a belt, I had to loosen up to one more whole. I don’t like that feeling and summer is coming soon. So no more eating sweets, cutting down on meat, eating smaller portions and cutting down on bread and pasta. men eat differently than girls and I read that after your 20’s your metabolism slows down 😦 I have being doing everything wrong. I need to go back were I used to eat before I lived with my boyfriend. Also I want to improve my health and metabolism. In the picture I am drinking a glass of water with a lemon, it’s suppose to help clean your digestive system.


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