5 of Mayo(nnaise)

photo 2

Well today was just a casual day. In art3 people stared to present their projects and it was by looking at them that I came with an idea for my project. Because finals have already started I was going to make those rip-tag-ads but instead of putting some info on it, I am going to put different Good Luck charms pictures from different countries and above it’s going to say : Finals are here! Grab your good luck. So it will be a cute and alternative to the usual rip-tag-ads. But also it is simple to make. After that I went back to my boyfriends place and took a nap. Then I went to history photo class and learned about a new photographer called Jerry Uelsmann. His photos were so well manipulated that his photo looks photoshoped, even before photoshoped existed! They are surrealistic and simple…Maybe I should mess around with my camera too!


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