Where did they go?


So today was more of a chill day. This morning I went to class to meet up with my group but none of them showed up! I know I got an email from one of my group saying that she won’t be able to make it to class but the other people they are barely in class, it’s very annoying specially since you have to talk about who’s writing what and who will put it together. That’s just laziness. But anyways since I was the only one in class, I left. Well the bright side is that I can go back, either take a nap,waste my time on the computer, or work on a project. I ended up taking a nap. After taking a nap I had to meet with my teacher for a meeting. I showed up at 5:05 but the teacher was not here so i waited for 10 mins, still not here. I asked a guy in the class where did she go, and he said that she might got some coffee…coffee that sounds good. So I go to the coffee shop hoping to find my teacher. but no. instead one of my co-worker at the tea is there so we talk for a little bit. one thing i like about know people is that you get free stuff πŸ™‚ So i went back to my class and there she was. So we did ended up talking and she said I am doing fine in the class πŸ™‚


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