Sold my guitar! And new books!


So summer is here and that means everyone is moving out of their dorms or apartment and getting rid of stuff. I like getting rid of cluster and things I never use like my guitar. My guitar has being sitting at my place and has not being touched. I don’t really have the time or passion to play guitar, also I am a college student who could need some money. So i decided to go to guitar center and sell it there. I was hoping to get $200 but instead I got $140. well its less than i expected but at least it’s something. I knew I could make extra by also selling my guitar case but for that i had to go to the starving musician. I got $20 for it so meaning that by selling my guitar and the case that came with it, I made $160! hurray! Across the street there was a barns and noble and i haven’t being there for a while so i decided to treat myself and get some books. I love being in libraries, I can stay there for a while.I ended buying two books; one about sherlock Holmes short stories and the other one was about H.P Lovecraft short stories. Yes I love reading and I know I’ll read a lot this summer ^^


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