Tuesday=last day of class!


Oh man that is a good feeling! I realized that after tuesday we have dead day, meaning time for me to nap and have fun! my only finals left are two papers due and my final for this class. It’s going to feel good to rest before finals and then after finals are done the actual fun is here! After finals i want to go to trials or teski’s to celebrate. I haven’t been there for a while. Anyhow i’m exited because I get to go to France and after when i come back I might get my sisters car and also a new place to live because I really want to move out! During the summer, my plan is to do some art work, read, move out and get more hours at my work. and then next semester starts and it will finally be my last one too!! Hurray I’ll get to move out of San jose!! and there will start my adult life! 🙂


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