Nice Lady!


Today I went to the cafeteria after class so I could get some dinner. So I went to get some Panda Express and got a bowl of fried Rice and mushroom chicken. I go to the cash register and dig in my bag for my wallet. Can’t find it, so I check the front pocket. Shoot I forgot my wallet at my apartment. So I tell the cashier lady that I will come back and get my wallet, but she told me that it’s ok, that I can pay back tomorrow because she is there everyday and that she didn’t wanted me to be hungry. 0_o! What a nice lady!!! I probably saved like $7 on that meal. Well I which there were more people like her 🙂 small things like this makes me think that there is still faith in humanity… despite the fact that I live in San Jose :/


5 of Mayo(nnaise)

photo 2

Well today was just a casual day. In art3 people stared to present their projects and it was by looking at them that I came with an idea for my project. Because finals have already started I was going to make those rip-tag-ads but instead of putting some info on it, I am going to put different Good Luck charms pictures from different countries and above it’s going to say : Finals are here! Grab your good luck. So it will be a cute and alternative to the usual rip-tag-ads. But also it is simple to make. After that I went back to my boyfriends place and took a nap. Then I went to history photo class and learned about a new photographer called Jerry Uelsmann. His photos were so well manipulated that his photo looks photoshoped, even before photoshoped existed! They are surrealistic and simple…Maybe I should mess around with my camera too!



Living with my boyfriend, i tend to not pay attention to what I eat until I realized that I gained a bit of weight around my waist. I’m staring to have muffin tops :O not only i can see it but i can feel it. Each time I sit down i can feel that little extra fat getting in the way or being compressed. Also when I wear pants and a belt, I had to loosen up to one more whole. I don’t like that feeling and summer is coming soon. So no more eating sweets, cutting down on meat, eating smaller portions and cutting down on bread and pasta. men eat differently than girls and I read that after your 20’s your metabolism slows down 😦 I have being doing everything wrong. I need to go back were I used to eat before I lived with my boyfriend. Also I want to improve my health and metabolism. In the picture I am drinking a glass of water with a lemon, it’s suppose to help clean your digestive system.

Stanford Museum!


Today was a very fun day! One I got the day off so i can go to Stanford museum. I had to do it for an extra credit for photo history.

I was very happy that day because I went with my boyfriend and we were out of San Jose. I guess this is when I am the most hyper. Anyhow, it was a beautiful museum that had plenty of collection of famous artists from the past. I enjoyed the photography as well and some of the paintings from the 19th century. The museum had art from around the world and from various periods. I also enjoyed the Stanford Family room dedication where it showed the founders of the university and how they lived. They were very wealthy people. I find it awesome when you see something in a textbook and then you see it in real. Looking at all those painting and photographs made me want to paint or take pictures. You just never know, maybe one day my paintings will be up 🙂

Work and nap after work


Today it was just me and my co-worker who had to work at the tea shop. We were lucky that it was a slow day because there were times were it was only just us two and it was very busy and we didn’t get extra help because my boss and co-worker were out of town. Anyhow I enjoy working with her and she is such a positive person. It does help make work a fun place to be. I am actually happy with my co-workers, even if sometimes they like Drama. But not as bad as high school. lol. Here’s me wearing ears for no reasons because I love ears.

My critique for Photo 40!


Today was exciting because i finally got to put my photography up on the board and I got interesting reviews from my peers. So far most of my photos were slightly under exposed and the arrangement of the photos could have being changed but overall everyone loved my art ^^. I taught it was awesome that one of my classmate said that I am starting to develop a style which I have not noticed. It’s good to get feed back and learn how to improve my photo skills. I was so happy that people appreciated my pictures, so i showed them to my boyfriend and he liked them as well. Today the teacher said ” art is narcissistic” which I can understand how but not completely. Some people are artists because they rely on their talent to make money and not necessarily to get famous, or others do it simply for pleasure and never show their work.

Bad girl!


Today i don’t know why I skipped both of my classes. I have no idea why. Was it laziness? Was it because I didn’t wake up on time to go to class? After all, I did took a nap before my photo history class and the bed was soo comfy! I was a very weird felling and I don’t think I’ll do that again. Not only i miss some important information but also I don’t like missing the photo history class, I find it interesting. It’s not the time for me to be lazy specially when finals are coming soon in May. i want to do well in my classes despite the fact that I may not like some of them.Yes I changed my major to fine art, but that is not a reason to be lazy :/ What I will have to do since I am not always organized, is to write down a planner or write down what do to in May. Dues dates of finals and what not.